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RE: [IPk] High BS

Hi Karen

I've only been pumping for 4 months so I remember what you're going through.
I felt frustrated that I had the means to get good control but it all took so
much time - testing on two days in a row before altering basals, etc.  Then,
just when I thought I was on a roll, along came my period, or a cold, or extra
stress or anything that affected my BGs and meant the tests couldn't be
counted on for making adjustments.

After four months, I know my basals are not quite perfect - nearly, but not
quite, but lots of stuff has prevented me from checking them on two equal
days.  Now I'm coming off prozac and it's not worth altering anything until
that's all gone.  In the meantime, even my imperfect control is sooooo much
better than it used to be.

Remember that your body won't stay stable, too.  So you get your basals and
bolus/carb ratio worked out, then hey presto, life or your body changes and
you need to fine tune again.

What I'm trying to say (I'm trying to be encouraging here, honest!) is that
it's an ongoing process.  Enjoy it from now onward!  There is of course a lot
of fine tuning to do at first, but it does take time.

If you have Excel, it's great for plotting graphs to show up trends in your

I found this list a great help.  All the questions I wanted to ask seemed to
crop up before I needed to ask them!

Anyway, I hope I have encouraged you!  Keep up the good work.

Best wishes

IDDM 34 years, D-Tron 4 months

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I've only got a month to get everything right.  Still, I suppose you live
and learn and I must think positive and at the end of the day I love this
new attachment of mine and never want to give it back!

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