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Re: [IPk] High BS

Hi Melissa

Thanks for your advice.  I feel as though I'm a bit "tied" as to what I can
do at the moment.  My DN doesn't want me fiddling too much with my basal
rates and so the same thing happened to me last night and during this
morning.  It seems to me that I need a higher basal during the early hours
and during the morning.  I've hardly ate anything this morning , was testing
every hour and giving gave myself correction boluses but didn't get back to
normal (5.8) until 2pm, which is where I've stayed since.

I agree with you ref the highs.  It does seem that I come down even quicker
when I'm in the normal range than in the high teens.

I became very despondent over the weekend, especially after things had
seemed to go so well during the first week and all I kept thinking was that
I've only got a month to get everything right.  Still, I suppose you live
and learn and I must think positive and at the end of the day I love this
new attachment of mine and never want to give it back!

Thanks again,

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> Hi Karen,
> About the big jump in bg: once on a pump with Humalog one doesn't have
> long-acting insulin that'll eventually peak and take care of any carbs one
> has eaten, so _any_ carbs that you don't want to raise your bg must be
> catered for. You may be more sensitive to carbs now that you can vary your
> basal rates and the Humalog works more predictably than the longer-acting
> insulins.
> You may want to do a little self-test sometime, testing once, eating 15g
> carbs, not bolusing, and then testing again 30 mins. later, and then
> bolusing 1 u. to see how far that goes in bringing you back to your
> bg. I usually bolus something for even 5g carbs these days.
> About the specific situation you had the other night, was there any fat or
> protein involved in the 20g carbs? If so, it would have taken longer for
> your bg to come down. You might want to factor in a few tenths of a unit
> fat and/or protein when you have noticed some foods that tend to set you
> with a high bg that doesn't want to come down.
> Also, and I may be unique here, I find that the higher my bg is, the more
> time it takes for Humalog to start bringing it down. If I get up to 16, it
> might be three hours before I'm close to 9; if I'm 9, I could be 4 in less
> than an hour. I don't know exactly why that is, but I have avoided some
> severe hypos by reminding myself that (if my set is fine and I'm not ill)
> u. of Humalog _will_ do something after a while. If I bolused extra after
> not seeing a bg shift within 40 minutes, I might wind up in bad, bad
> If it's of any consolation, I remember going on the pump and thinking to
> myself a few times in the first couple of months, 'Hey, wait! I know how
> manage my diabetes...what the heck is my body doing now?!'
> Good luck,
> Melissa
> IDDM 9+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years
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