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[IPk] High BS / Prescriptions

Hi everyone

Don't know what happened to me last night.  I'm still doing 2hr BS so checked
at midnight - 5.9 and had 20g CHO but didn't bolus.  At 3am I was 13.2 so
reset alarm for 6am and couldn't believe when I tested then, I'd gone up to
20.2.  I immediately retested, then checked ketones (none) and had a
correction bolus.  Needless to say, many sore fingers and 3 hours later I was
down to 5.4 and have managed to stay roughly that all day.

Going back to my previous comment re scripts I went to collect mine on
Saturday only to be told by the chemist that they didn't have one for me.
When I explained that my GP had had the repeat since Wednesday and so the
48hrs that it takes for them to produce a repeat had passed, he checked and
told me that I'd had test strips on the 24th Jan and that the GP's new
computer wouldn't allow them to produce another prescription for one month
from that date.  Anyway he let me have a box on loan until Monday but this now
means that I'll have to be late for work to call into my GP first to get this
sorted out, this is after already writing a note and explaining all this to
the receptionist.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

That's it, feel better now.

Best wishes
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