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Re: [IPk] Ketone testing


The strips recently became available on prescription  - though I haven't put 
this to the test.  Had a letter from Medisense.


>From: Caroline Jane Batistoni <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IPk] Ketone testing
>Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 13:36:34 +0000
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>I cannot believe people have been told that ketone strips are not
>needed now blood testing is used. For crying out loud, - IT MAKES NO
>SENSE!. Blood testing tells you your blood sugar level - nothing about
>ketones!! Its perfectly possible to have high sugars without producing
>ketones. Its also possible to have ketones at lower sugar levels,
>especially if you haven't been eating much (agreeing whole heartedly
>here with Melissa's comments re: The Atkins Diet), so its always worth
>testing when you feel generally ropey.
>I test for ketones with every single reading above 16, which may be a
>little excessive, but has proved invaluable several times. (And also
>means that I have got through a huge number of ketone strips in the
>last few weeks!)
>You need to demand ketone test strips. They're an essential part of
>diabetes kit!
>Also, it is now possible to test for blood ketone levels, which is more
>accurate in the same way as blood glucose testing is more accurate than
>urine testing) The only meter that has this function is the
>Medisense Optium. You need a special strip, that, as far as I'm aware
>still isn't available on prescription. But you can get them from
>Medisense or your DSN (although I wouldn't bank on that if your DSN is
>so unenlightened as to believe that you don't need to test for ketones.
>Sorry if that sounds rude, but I'm still in shock)
>Caroline Batistoni
>email @ redacted
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