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Re: [IPk] Any Suggestions?

>Why did you take 20g CHO at (02-03) and bolus 2 units? You could see that
>your BG was going up.

This seems to me to be a most odd question!  I often eat stuff when my
bg is at the higher end of normal, or even, if I have to, when it is
high, although I tend to avoid that, as I have increased needs, and
figuring out how much and when is much more of an art than a science.


Perhaps the question should have been. Why ONLY 2 units?

Looking at the BG readings from 00-01 (4.6), 01-02 (9.2), 02-03 (10.7) &
07-08 (13.2) It can be seen that the BG is rising, heaven knows where the BG
was between 02-03 and 07-08.

Bearing in mind that this was a "typical day" and looking at the increase in
basal rate during that period, it seems to me that he should have taken a
correction bolus in addition to the 2 units for the CHO at 02-03.

Of more concern is the BG at 11-12 (17.3), this after a correction of 2
units and 3 units for 30 CHO. and the fluctuations during the day,
culminating in a BG of 20.2 before bed. If this is a typical day, something
is wrong and should be sorted out by the medical team immediately.

In the long term you cannot achieve good control without having your basal
rates set correctly. This is the most important aspect of Insulin Pump


John Davis,

4 yrs on a pump.
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