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[IPk] Weight control

Hi Tony,

You are definitely not alone!  I've found that having the pump has been a
great advantage in every way, but I've had to become more aware of what I put
into my body.  Taking a bolus to cover something I wouldn't have been able to
enjoy before getting the pump means I'll have to deal with the caloric
consequences--bummer!!!  Plus, drinking alcohol, even three units a day,
entails a significant number of calories--bummer again!

I have found recently that a filling main course at lunch (a serving of
something starchy, a green veg, and something with protein) that I really
enjoy, forgetting dessert, keeps me satisfied until dinner.  I have of late
tended to have a good sweet twice a week or so (when something looks good, as
I'm eating in my graduate residence's hall or in college for most lunches and
dinners Mon.-Fri.) so I don't feel deprived and can get my sweet tooth taken
care of.  A couple of years ago, my philosophy was that being "good" for my
main course--choosing very low fat foods and eating small portions--would
"let" me "allow" myself to have a generous portion of a sweet after lunch and
again after dinner.  My bgs stayed in control, but I definitely ate more than
I do now and had more trouble controlling my weight despite a more rigourous
exercise schedule.  I didn't drink alcohol back then, either.  I'm thinking
now that if I enjoy a couple of good, satisfying meals per day and forgo
dessert (really, how often is it as tasty as it looks?), I can have a couple
of nice glasses of wine in the evening and everything works out.

The other variable in the equation, it has to be said, is one's activity
level. I bike about 30 minutes a day just getting where I need to go, and tend
to walk about 20 minutes more.  When I drove a car most days of the week, I
had to make a real effort to go to the gym 4-5 days a week to stay about 5
lbs. lighter than I am now.  (I'm not losing sleep over those 5 lbs. at the
moment.)  Spending most of the day at a desk means one needs fewer calories
than if one is moving around a lot; only you know whether you're basically
sitting down or moving around most of the time.

Lastly, I have basically given up drinking diet soda.  I read about two years
ago that aspartame can stimulate appetite.  I didn't really believe it at the
time, but in hindsight I have to think it's right: I have definitely stopped
craving food to go with soda since I decided to have at most two diet sodas a
week.  I have switched to using demerara sugar in my coffee as well.  I still
eat aspartame-sweetened yogurt 3-4 times in an average week because I just
can't justify doubling the calories for sugar-sweetened stuff.  Since cutting
back on aspartame overall, though, I have been able to funnel more of my
food/drink budget into wine :> !

Good luck,

IDDM 7+ years; MiniMed pumper 5+ years

P.S. Keeping in mind that the stomach is built to hold about 2 cups of food
has helped me realize when I'm about to eat too much.  I know I stretched my
stomach a bit as an undergraduate.  When I learned to leave the table after
I'd eaten what I knew intellectually was enough and my stomach went back to
its previous size, I had much less trouble feeling satisfied on "normal"
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