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[IPk] Balance


	When I first started on the pump I wrote to the Editor of Balance
with a proposal for article(s) on the pump - with an outline and stating
that I had no commercial interest.

	They came back and said "no thanks, not interested".  I must
confess, I am getting increasingly cheesed off with Diabetes UK - I don't
feel that I am in their target audience any more.  Their content is getting
increasingly dull, and their advice increasingly patronising.  Their
supplement about losing weight was so lacking in real information it scared

	In addition, my husband had run several races for Diabetes UK - 4
half marathons, and one marathon.  This year, when he failed to get a place
in the London Marathon via the ballot, he contacted Diabetes UK and asked if
they were having bonded places (where charity pays c.#380 for place and
runner promises to raise at least #1500 - so good deal for charity, but not
as good as runner getting balloted place and raising money for them anyway!)
- and they were not, but he was "welcome to run for them anyway", he said
they were really snotty with him.  So, as a result he called Juvenile
Diabetes Research Foundation, who had about 150 bonded places.  He is
running for them instead.

	Goodness me, that is a lot of moaning for a Monday - and I did not
start on half the moans I have about Diabetes UK.

	signing off
	A bitter and twisted Audrey Sheal!

> Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 11:28:34 +0000
> From: "Carmel Matthews" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IPk] Balance
> I have just read my copy of Balance and really cannot believe how they 
> publish features of celebreties the amount of hypos and problems they have
> etc.,and NONE refer to insulin pumps. I am coming to the conclusion that 
> Diabetes UK are afraid to broadcast the advantages of the pump becuase
> they 
> might have to campaign for funding and the political issues they would be 
> faced with.The Diabetes Wellness Foundation, however which was recently 
> critiscised in a letter has publisheded articles about pumps and does not 
> tey to ignore them as does Diabetes UK> Maybe we should all write an
> article 
> and surely they might get the hint and publish ONE of them!!! Carmel NB
> this 
> is my opinion only and I may be suffering from delusions -feel free to 
> corrrect me if I am wrong!!
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