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Re: [IPk] nasty letter


It's a big can of worms with this particular consultant!!

Just to give you some idea:

He told one parent that he has chosen to have dogs instead of children.

Our local parents support group folded because he didn't approve.

I know of three other children who have been referred to other hospitals
by their GP's because they did not feel they were getting adequate care.

An example from the nasty letter he sent was that he was concerned that
it would bee too easy for Steven to overdose on insulin with the pump
(in response, the new diabetic nurse said that if someone was so
determined to overdose, they could do it with a syringe or pen anyway).  

On several occasions I came out of the clinic in floods of tears and
vowed never to go back.

And yes, I think his ego was dented when I asked for a second opinion.

Living with a child with diabetes, I read & research diabetes because I
want the best for Steven now and for his future health.  As we all know
(and some professionals acknowledge) - nothing comes close to living
with diabetes and having this first hand experience.  Although he has
the (so called) expertise, I just wish that a paediatric consultant with
no children would respect the thoughts of us who live with it every day.
We need people on our side, not battling against us.

Luckily now I have a specialist team who are human!!! 

>I wander what prompted the consultant to write a " nasty letter"  Presumably
>he refused to  let  your son try a pump so you requested a second opinion.
>Perhaps he couldn't cope with this dent to his ego!. I believe that you
>wrote quite recently of problems with nocturnal lows resulting in fits, so
>what was his advice regarding this? Possibly that you have to expect to
>endure these with DM or perhaps he accused you of being obsessive with
>glycaemic control and advised taking steps to eliminate the above which
>would have the effect of overall increasing blood glucose and thereby
>jeopardising future health
>It's interesting to figure out how the brain of your average consultant
>works. Good thing that not all of them are like that !N
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Alison Orchard
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