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Re: [IPk] to Jackie

Hi Alison

I am sure that the pump is probably the way we will go in a few years.  I
need Sasha  to be a bit older to help to cope when I am not with her.  I
know it will probably big a big battle to go somewhere else to try and get
her on a pump too.  The kids have had so many ups and downs with health
problems affecting me more that them.  The celiac too months to sort out.
We have to attend our local hospital for Asthma clinics and D clinic and now
Celiac clinics so I need to have good relations with the staff at this
hospital who we see for Diabetes as well although we usually see one of the
other consultants for D and one of the others for asthma. I had a few health
problems myself recently so I am not ready for a long battle at the moment.

If was awful of the consultant to insinuate that the pump was because you
wanted it and was not in your child's best interests. How dare s/he.  I bet
if it was his child he would have him/her on a pump pretty quick.
Most young children have not got the experience it takes to make big
decisions regarding their own treatment, from what I read most kids even the
ones who may have been reluctant to pump are much happier with things and
would never go back to MDI.  Though one would have to respect the wishes of
an older child.

On another list I belong to a mother, who was coincidentally a diabetes
nurse educator, was shocked to find out how different and hard things were
when her own child developed D.  She said all the opinions and beliefs that
she had previously held when right out of the window when she had to deal
with the actual reality of raising a child with diabetes. It made her view
all in a different light.

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> Jackie
> I was apprehensive about Steven going on a pump - I questioned my
> motives for doing it lots of times - am I doing this for Steven?  Am I
> doing this for the rest of the family?  Is it really better for him?
> Will he cope at School?
> I moved away from the local hospital and the consultant there wrote a
> really nasty letter about me and Steven, showing his total horror that
> Steven was going to trial a pump.  At this point I questioned my motives
> again - was this consultant right?
> Steven is not the easiest of children - (I think you've probably read
> emails from me where I've described him as the Tasmanian Devil!) and
> there have been times early on when he removed his pump and refused to
> put it back on.
> Four months down the line, I have to say that I am confident I made the
> right decision to give Steven the chance of a pump. We travel 50 miles
> for our hospital appointments but it is worth it.  After lots of
> battling, anguish and sleepless nights the funding for the purchase of
> the pump and also the consumables has been granted by the local NHS (at
> one point I had two offers of money for the pump! - one from a
> children's charity).
> I am a single parent with two other children and the money for the pump
> would not have been easy to find - but I would have done.  It has made
> such a difference to all our lives and like someone once wrote in their
> email on this site - on a pump you control the diabetes rather than it
> controlling you.
> It's not for me to tell you to try the pump - I just wanted to tell you
> my experiences, if it helps.
> And as for Steven - someone would have to take the pump off him kicking
> and screaming now if they wanted it back!
> Alison
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> Alison Orchard
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