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Re: [IPk] to Jackie

Jackie and Alison,

For Steven, you can also read Sam.  Apart from the situation with the local
hospital, our story is very similar, although in our case we have Tom &
Jerry rather than Taz!

Our consultant is very supportive, but Sam was (and still is) the only child
locally with a pump.  We also are still a long way from getting funding, but
are still hopeful.  It took a while, but we were able to work out some
guidelines for school to follow.  Now they check Sam's BGs twice a day &
phone for advice if he is outside the range we have defined.  When he's
high, we tell them the bolus & Sam does it himself.  Julie is still "on
call" for the occasional bigger problem, but we have only had a handful in 6

Like Steven, Sam would be devastated if the pump had to go back.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, however hard you have to work to
get there!


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> Jackie
> I was apprehensive about Steven going on a pump - I questioned my
> motives for doing it lots of times - am I doing this for Steven?  Am I
> doing this for the rest of the family?  Is it really better for him?
> Will he cope at School?......................................
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