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Re: [IPk] Balance

I know just what you mean.  Some doctors are very " I know how your body
feels better than you do"  Obviously that can be a good thing in some cases.
A lot of my younger life was ruined because I had serious problems with
control.  Doctors always told my parents I must be "Cheating" to get such bad
control.  I remember being admitted to hospital when I was about twenty one
years old due to hyperglycemia.  Someone left my file on my bed after the
Consultant had done his rounds and, like you do, I had a nosey about myself.
I was horrified to read the admission notes which said "Insulin miss-use
denied"  Sometimes diabetes feels like a punishment.  Nowadays the only
reason diabetes can be so hard is because polotics will not allow funding for
better health in diabetes when they know full well better treatment is
available (Pump Therapy).  People with diabetes are being swept under the
carpet.  As my GP said "The health service only has an obligation to sustain
your life, not to improve it"
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