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Re: [IPk] Balance

I'm sure political reasons esp funding are the reason why many diabetes
specialists are still refusing to involve themselves in pump therapy.
My consultant stated 2 years ago just prior to me commencing pumping, that
pumps can't achieve any better control than injections. Another person in
the clinic who commenced pumping a few months before me was told that she
could not give pump therapy a trial and had to fight for a long time despite
the fact that she was fully self funding! Okay, she had an HBA1c of around
7.4 before the pump but at the expense of total hypo unawareness. This meant
that she was frightened to go to bed when her husband was working night
shifts.At one point she also had to forfeit her driving license for 6
months. Her HBA1c is now in the mid 6s and she apparently has not lost
consciousness due  a hypo

If only the powers that be were forced to live with "brittle" (ie poorly
controlled DM despite good efforts to control it) for just one week

I think much of the problem is blase attitudes towards the implications of
living with this disease. Because it's something you can "live with" albeit
with potentially severe complications and shortened lifespan and a profound
impact on quality of life,no one is interested in making things any better

If you have problems with control even with 4 or more innjections per day,
it's either deliberate non compliance/ denial/ your "lifestyle" or " well
that's diabetes". The third reason really annoys me- all the propaganda
maintains that with care you can lead an active productive life but if you
have a challenging career with long hours or shifts " well I'm sure that
your BG control is poor because of your shifts" implying that you have to
make a choice between your career or your health.

I'm sure you must have had people say this to you .

Is part of the problem also that many of us are so stoic. We put up with
hypos becasue we don't want people to think we're not manging or because we
know the only advice we'll get is to lower the dose resulting in more
hyperglycaemia and we are concerned about the impact this will have.Or vice
versa and we are worried about having hypos in work
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