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[IPk] glucose watch

Dear Jackie, 

I am from California, and worked at a camp where they
did trials on children with the watch.  Overall I
liked them better than any of the other counselors
like them, others HATED them.  I saw some use for them
as I had the 6-8 year old girls who did not wake from
reactions (my first night one girl seizured and
another passed out, the one who passed out was
detected because of the watch and from then on I
appreciated it a little more; the girl seizuring was
not wearing a watch).  The problem was, the girls
could not stand them.  They all had major itching at
some point and didn't participate in activities in the
same carefree way.  Also, the readings were not very
accurate.  Overall, I would look for any other
solution before purchasing it.  You won't sleep any
better I don't think because the alarm goes off a lot,
even if they truly aren't low (b/c of inaccuracy).  I
got up at least three times a night to check alarms
(although I had 3 kids on the watch).  The alarms also
go off every 20 minutes if it detects a low again
which can quickly lead to a sleepless night.  I
understand how hard and worrisome that must be though
to have a child not wake up for reactions.  I was SO
worried just as a counselor, I can's even imagine how
hard that would be for you.  I know others have
suggested a pump, is she already on one?  If not, I
can't stress what I difference that could make.  It
seems your daughter may be extremely sensitive to
small changes in insulin (I'm just guessing here)
which is exactly how one of our little 6 year olds was
who seizured.  She wasn't on a pump and every doctor
there was recommending one to control units by .1
increments. Good luck and let us know what you
decided. Also, I will be in London in one month (for 3
months) if you have any other questions, or you can
email me!

Mary, 21
diagnosed age 10 
pumping 2.5 years

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