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Re: [IPk] Glucowatch


Can't remember - is Sasha on a pump?  If not - what about this to try
and avoid the highs and lows and seizures? 


In message <005901c1bbdc$d250e280$email @ redacted>, Jackie Jacombs
<email @ redacted> writes
>I will have to think about whether to go ahead and purchase one or not I
>know a lot of people have felt that it is not as good as the initial
>adverts/spiel but I have followed other people who have used it for their
>children in the US so I knew all about the long warm up time and all of the
>other drawbacks, so none of it is a surprise to me.  I just feel that as she
>has had so many incidents at night that it might help.  She never wakes when
>she is low, last night she did but by the time she had come in to the room
>it was still too late to avoid a seizure.  I haven't slept a whole night
>through  in the last two years.  Sometimes I wake up in a panic dreaming
>that she is having a hypo.
>I rang up Cygnus and asked if they were going to repeat the offer of a
>discount and a month back guarantee they said they might and were writing to
>people that had had their names down previously.   I still couldn't pin them
>Jackie Jacombs
>email @ redacted
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Alison Orchard
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