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[IPk] Virus info email

There's been a bit of fuss lately about viruses...

I regularly get sent viruses. They occasionally come attached to emails I
receive. But I have protection against them, so they will not run on my
machine. So the viruses are of no direct concern to me.

What *does* concern me is that many people have no protection against
viruses. They are the people who unwittingly are causing all the problems.

There are various popular virus-protection programs. Purchase and install
one on your computer. They are not expensive. The good ones will
automatically update themselves from a central website. This is necessary
so they know about the latest viruses doing the rounds on the internet.

Two which I know of are http://www.norton.com and http://www.mcafee.com .
There are others. You can pay and download the software from the website.
Or you can walk into your local computer shop and buy a disk over the

You cannot catch a virus from emails coming via this discussion group - we
sterilize all emails - but you *can* catch one directly from someone else
who has your email address on their computer.

Please - don't be the person without virus protection who sends out viruses
without realising it to everyone else.

Thanks -

John Neale
Insulin Pumpers UK admin team

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