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Re: [IPk] Getting too much insulin as the insulin warms

>We are always told to keep insulin at room temp before connecting it to the
>pump - I assume it is for the reasons you have outlined.  As I always keep
>my pump well insulated I haven't noticed any effects of going out in the
>cold and coming back in, but it makes sense it could happen.

During the day my pump is usually in my trouser pocket, so it's effectively
at body temperature. At night, it lies lose in my bed. Under the duvet
that's fine: body temperature. But if it slips out from under the duvet the
pump's going to cool down. I lose insulin. And when I get dressed in the
morning, it warms up again and I get the extra insulin back again. These
are irregular variations in the insulin flow that I've never really
considered before.

The other big variation is moving the pump: if I move the pump from my
trouser pocket to my shirt pocket (that's about one meter in height) the
weight of the insulin in the system stretches it, and I reckon 0.5 units
leeks into me. (Disconnect your infusion set and watch it carefully: bolus
a unit to see the insulin come out, then raise the pump 1m in the air and
see how much extra insulin comes out. The more air in the system, the
greater this leakage.)

Hey ho. I suppose that's a motivation for the correction bolus at the next
bg test.


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