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Re: [IPk] Pump trial starting Monday

Hi Louis
Sorry this is a bit of a late reply, but hope it will still be useful.
Your history sounds quite a lot like mine.

> Three questions for the pump experts:
> 1) What is a good tape to use for the Tender set??  I find the Rapid set
> very uncomfortable, although it does offer a double-tape down in case the
> pump is yanked.

Most people find they don't need any extra tape for the Tender. It comes with 
tape already attached and you just stick it down. You can add extra tape in 
case of it being yanked, but frankly most people don't find a need to do this.
it holds pretty well - in fact i often find it difficult to pull the tape off 
after 3 days!

> 2) Is it likely that I will be able to set the basal rates to cover my
> requirements??  given that I exercise a lot (gym, swim, squash - I took it
> off for squash and swimming on saline), and that it is hard to work out
> when the dawn phenomenon is actually doing its damage.

It will probably take some time and a lot of experimenting, but there's no 
reason why you can't work it out. I exercise a lot and it does complicate 
things, but it's still possible given a bit of patience and a lot of testing.

> 3) Is it really possible to exercise - run, squash, tennis, ski with the
> pump, or do some of you take it off and adjust bolus/basal rates??

depends what you want to do. Contact sports mean you really need to take it 
off. Non-contact sports are usually fine. I wouldn't take off the pump for 
any of the above - unless you have a tendency to slam yourself into walls 
playing squash (I know I used to!). Even swimming you can leave it on with 
the Disetronic (but not the Minimed) though many people prefer to take it off 
anyway. If you take it off, you may need to adjust the basal and/or bolus 
before and/or after to take into account the missed insulin. I find I need to 
eat something before I exercise or reduce my basal for at least 30 mins 
before, then if I take the pump off I usually need to bolus a certain amount 
for the missed insulin (generally about half the amount of insulin I've 
missed while disconnected). But you'll need to experiment with that. If I 
leave the pump on during exercise I usually need to reduce the basal by about 
half for about the first 30 minutes of exercise. A lot depends on the 
exercise, how fit you are, what your BG is before, and how quickly insulin 
acts in your body.

Ask away if you have any specific questions about exercise, but remember it's 
a very individual thing, so you'll need to experiment yourself.
Good luck!
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