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[IPk] Alcohol response and Breakfast question

Having been in my bed ill for a week - two day sickness bug and then a
ear/nose/throat thing (and missing a trip to the USA as a result) - I have
missed lots of good topics here!  I am just going to give my tuppenceworth
on drinking:

I do drink more than 5 units in a night, regularly.  I know what the
doctor's advice is, but I also know what kind of life I want to live.  I get
terrible hangovers - and if I have drunk a couple of nights in a row I do
feel horrendous.  I think in many cultures we do generally make alcohol more
part of our social scene - so be it.  I certainly am not going to beat
myself up for it.  I don't permanently congratulate myself for exercising
daily, so why should I berate myself for drinking on a night out?  I know
what it does to my body.

I liked Julian's point about targets - I have really taken my eye off the
ball since Xmas time and my last HbA1c was 7.0%, up 0.7% since the last one.
My charts are now all over the place and my insulin usage has gone up.  The
message to me is the pump is only as good as the person using it!  Time to
focus again.

I have a query re: breakfast.  When I eat Sultana Bran/Fruit and Fibre/Grape
Nuts etc (I know dried fruit is high glycemic) my BG shoots right up.  Has
anyone found a cereal that does not taste like cardboard and does not make
their BG shoot up?  I am off porridge at the moment (I think I have sickened
myself of it!).

Any thought gratefully received.


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