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Re: [IPk] NICE appraisal

Dear John
Diabetes Uk have approached me to be an expert witness for NICE in September and
I have agreed. I don't know if they will actually call on me but I am ready and
willing to do so. If I have the time I will try and do the profile thingy for
you for your NICE submission. Life is really hectic (so whats new?). Mum is
holding her own and I spend a lot of time running from work to Mums to home and
back again. I would like to (circumstances permitting) get my say with NICE as
this is an opportunity we don't want to miss. Are you going to the Birmingham
Diabetes UK annual professional conference in March ?  I am giving a
scientist-type talk on the 13th in the morning and doing a patient life before
and after pump talk for the MiniMed symposium in the evening, should be
interesting. Hope you are well, gotta run,
lots of love

John Davis wrote:

> To all list members.
> NICE Health Technology Appraisal
> Insulin pump therapy for diabetes
> Those nice people from NICE have invited INPUT to participate as a formal
> consultee and to prepare a submission to inform this appraisal.
> NICE are looking to gain an understanding of what its like to live with
> diabetes, what its like to use the technology (pumps) and the difference the
> technology makes, if any.
> The following provides examples of the sorts of views and information we
> would like to include in our submission:
> 7 Living with the condition
> 7 How the condition is currently managed
> 7 Where pumps fit into the way the condition is currently managed
> 7 The benefits and potential benefits of the technology
> 7 The disadvantages and potential disadvantages of the technology (i.e. side
> effects, risks demanding treatment regimens)
> 7 Meaningful outcomes for patients and carers
> 7 The cost of the technology in relation to benefits
> 7 The difference the technology makes or could make to:
> - Physical well being (e.g. symptoms such as pain)
> - Quality of life and well being for the patient and/or carer
> - Psychological health (e.g. mood or anxiety)
> - Ability to work/carry out daily tasks
> - Facilitating independence
> We are looking for personal experiences, profiles, what it was like before
> the pump and what its like now, has it made a difference to your lives. We
> need to know the good, the bad and the ugly, do not pull your punches we
> need to tell them how it really is. Quality of life issues will feature
> strongly in our submission.
> NICE requires our submission as electronic files of Microsoft Office
> documents. (NICE uses Office 2000), so if possible please use this as an
> email attachment for your reply. If you do not have access to this format,
> please send hard copies of your profile to:
> John Davis
> 9 Grafton Gardens
> Lymington
> Hants
> SO41 8AS.
> We need as many profiles as possible so please respond. This is your chance
> to make a difference.
> John Davis.
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Dr. Moira Harrison
School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences
University of Brighton
Work email: email @ redacted
Work phone: 01273-642103
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