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Re: [IPk] Pump trial starting Monday


Thanks for mentioning skiing.  When I went skiing for the first time in the
middle of December, having my pump made the drastic increase in physical
activity much less a problem.  My insulin requirements HALVED for the week.  I
am pretty sure I wouldn't have known just how little insulin I really needed
if I'd been on injections.  Even on barely any insulin, I still went hypo once
a day.  Fortunately, several Nutrigrain bars, my meter, and my camera all fit
comfortably in the inside pockets of my ski jacket.  Taking a 10-meterish roll
down an icy, steep slope didn't faze my pump as there were several layers of
clothing between it and the elements.  Also, I ate whatever I wanted
(omelettes, chocolate mousse, fondue, hot chocolate....) all week because I
was exercising practically all the time--that was fun!  As for adjusting to
the "whatever's in front of me" eating plan: the first couple of nights I took
enough insulin to cover my dinner properly, underestimating the effects of
glucose going back into my muscles.  I woke up with very low bgs.  Another
lesson learned!  All in all, the trip was terrific and the flexibility of the
pump let me concentrate on how much fun I was having.

Swooosh, swooosh! :>

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