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Re: [IPk] Drink and eating after

In message <l03130301b87eb8067a62@[]>, John Neale
<email @ redacted> writes
>Pat - doing experiments is very noble. But what I find is that no two
>drinking sessions are the same. Too many variables... what I ate yesterday,
>how I feel, my mood, the company of others, the smell of the pub - the list
>goes on. These may effect how I get drunk, and what my bg level does - and
>it's not reasonably predictable. And it's wrong to think that CHO, alcohol
>and water mix are all that determine digestion: it's far more complex than

Sorry, I wasn't being terribly clear.  While the mix of CHO and water
in, say, csoft drinks is pretty predicatable (i.e. coke doesn't spike
more than pepsi, fanta doesn't have a slower onset than other fizzy
orange drinks) two alcoholic drinks which would seem to be as similar
can be unpredictable.  So folks shouldn't assume that just because they
know what half a bottle of Chianti does, they know what half a bottle of
Orvietto does.

And, if there are 'too many variables', at least you need to know that
alcohol is unpredictable - and within what bounds it is 'normal' - so if
you get a reading of, say, 14 after three pints, do you know whether
that's a normal 'unexpected high after drinking' or not?  I.e. would you
set the alarm for two hours later to make sure the correction had

And if you get, regularly, unexpected highs in the 20s (or lows detected
only by meter) after drinking more than a couple of pints, or with
certain drinks, then you need the knowledge that comes from
experimenting in able to make a choice.  If you don't know, how can you
make a choice?

Maybe 'experiment' makes it all seem rather cold and scientfic.  If you
know you are unpredictable, then you have experimented.  No research
agenda, no formal presentation of results, but you've experimented.
Experimentation is simply thinking about what happens when you vary
something, such as the imput of alcohol.  Keeping records just speeds up
the experimentation process - for me at least.  Other people maybe can
do it just as well in their heads!

One thing I must remember to put in the 'what's the pump done for me'
table is the ability to drink real soft drinks and fruit juices on an
evening out.  Ginger beer _can_ be found in a diet version, but only in
supermarkets, and then rarely. And diet orangina is such a watery over-
sweet drink compared to the real thing.  Is it any wonder that we drink
five pints of beer when the only alternatives is diet coke? 

Best wishes to all,

(dm30+, 508 9 months +, looking forwards to a nice glass of something
alcoholic this evening - which just goes to show that I prefer wine,
even when I have some nice soft drinks to hand, including a cranberry
and lime drink, and some organic chocolate powder).
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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