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[IPk] Pump trial starting Monday

Hello pump community,

my name is Louis.  I begin a one month insulin pump trial on Monday 4th Feb, 
with the Disetronic D-Tron, on Humalog.  I am currently on the saline trial 

My background: 23 yrs old, diagnosed with IDDM 1992.  I am currently on 3/4 
Novorapid, and 2 Insulatard shots/day.  HbA1C 8.9 last week. Hovering 
between 7-8 for the past two years.  This hides huge day-to-day swings, as I 
have seen frequently reported by others in this newsgroup.

I have been closely following the insulin-pumpers newsgroup since November 
2001, finding this very useful for practical information and very 
interesting to hear other peoples experiences of the pump.
(I feel I know some of you quite well now!).  After an uphill struggle with 
my Diabetes care team, my consultant has reluctantly agreed to a trial on 
the pump.  I am very keen for this to work as I am exasperated with my 
day-to-day control under MDI, particularly the 'dawn phenomenon', which I 
have unsuccessfully tried to counteract with various methods over the past 5 

Three questions for the pump experts:

1) What is a good tape to use for the Tender set??  I find the Rapid set 
very uncomfortable, although it does offer a double-tape down in case the 
pump is yanked.

2) Is it likely that I will be able to set the basal rates to cover my 
requirements??  given that I exercise a lot (gym, swim, squash - I took it 
off for squash and swimming on saline), and that it is hard to work out when 
the dawn phenomenon is actually doing its damage.

3) Is it really possible to exercise - run, squash, tennis, ski with the 
pump, or do some of you take it off and adjust bolus/basal rates??

Thank you for your support, and I will start to contribute more when I am 
attached, primed, and pumping.



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