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[IPk] Highs etc

I've been on a Disetronic pump for a week now.  Although my blood has never gone past 20ml this week (it used to swing between 2-30) I think I have become a little more aware of my diabetes now.  I seem to have good sugars overnight and wake up with a blood of 7-10.  However, in the afternoon my sugars rise to between 13-18 and it is worrying me.  i have done some fasting at this time and my blood was a little over, but not too bad 10-12.

The problem seems to arise when I eat food.  I bolus 1 unit of Humalog per 10g but my blood sugar goes up to between 16 & 18. and it doesn't come down for at least four or five hours.  This is mainly between lunch time and around 9pm.  This has been common for the past six days.

I'm getting to the stage where I am frightened to eat anything with carbs in.  I feel so alone about this.  maybe I expected too much from the pump.

Any suggestions?????
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