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Re: [IPk] Moods and moons

>"50% of the parents who come to our support group are on anti-

Please forgive my ignorance, but does stress actually cause depression? Or
does it just look like it does?

>And as for moons....  Steven is very, very hard work (e.g. shouting,
>screaming, breaking things) when the moon is between half and full, then
>as the moon subsides again he goes back to his normal self.  I want to
>tell the health professionals this but I'm worried that they'll think
>I've lost my marbles!!

This is all way beyond me... Some say that a few thousand years ago there
was a genetic advantage in women synchronising their ovulation with the new
moon, since that was when men wouldn't be away hunting at night. Or is that
a load of rollocks? In practice, women rarely had periods: they were either
pregnant or breastfeeding. And with the arrival of street lighting we've
lost all contact with the moon's phases.

When my wife was pregnant 2 years ago, I read some lovely research that
demonstrated that a man living with his pregnant wife may mimic her
hormonal changes during the pregnancy. This had never been medically tested
before. And I had noted this with my basal rates doing funny things during
the pregnancy. So, Alison, your doctor needn't think you have lost your
marbles :-) Do Steven's basal requirements go up and down as well, or are
things not that finely tuned?

- who today marks the 25th anniversary of his diagnosis, aged 11 in 1977 at
the Bristol Children's Hospital.

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