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[IPk] sticky buttons

Hi all -

I seem to be suffering from sticky buttons on my pump again (and it's a
different pump!) What happens is that none of the buttons respond to being
pressed. If I leave it for a few minutes, it works without difficulty. It
happened today, it happened once yesterday or the day before (don't
remember which) and it happened a few weeks ago. A self test gives me an OK

One thing I'm thinking is it could be something to do with the weather:
we've had snow in Dublin in a volume not seen since 1997 (when I was in
hospital in San Francisco just after diagnosis, in fact!). Or perhaps the
pump has fallen out of my pocket one time too many.

I'm sure Minimed will be responding to my mail, but I'd like to hear if
anyone else has had sticky buttons on an M or D pump, what you did about
it, and what the diagnosis was.


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