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Re: [IPk] new site

Abigail - I sometimes use the area over my bottom few ribs, and I've found
it very satisfactory. For me the absorbtion seems just the same as lower
down on my stomach. I use Tenders/Silhouettes and put them in quite
shallow. But I've no idea if ribs would work with a SofSet or Rapid where
the needle is going straight into you.

I've also tried my backside a few times, and found the absorbtion there
very slow. So I don't use that area at all.

There are some pretty pictures from MiniMed and Disetronic of androgenous
people showing "recommended" areas for infusion sets at our website:


The US site has some interesting "ideas" at:



>I've just put a tender in my chest wall ( 2 to 3 inches below breast) as
>I've become fed up of using my abdomen. Have already had sucess with sites
>over my lower ribs (last 2 sets) despite not having a vast amount of fat (I
>just insert at a more oblique angle). I thought it might be worth rotating
>sites a bit rather than "wearing out " my abdomen . Thighs aren't bad but I
>seem to catch when pulling trousers on and off. I'm sure the area I'm using
>now isn't in an "acceptable " place according to the diagram. I can't think
>of any reason why it should be a problem other than the risk of
>inadvertantly infusing into muscle???

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