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Re: [IPk] pump bumps

> Hi,
> I've been using a Disotronic pump for 7 months, and am really
> pleased with the flexibility it allows me. I don't seem to be able
> to achieve stable blood sugars though- can range from LO to 18/20s.
> Could this be the pump bumps I've heard about?  I've tried different
> infusion sets, needle lengths and - obviously -sites, but get hard
> (often sore) lumps almost every time. I change sites every 2 days
> now - anybody else experienced this  and  is it normal part of pump
> therapy?

No, not normal. Based on reports from other pump users with similar 
experiences, the problem usually has one of several possible origins.

1) Sensitivity to a component in a "prep" material or "tape" that 
irritates the infusion wound. This is usually fixed by switching from 
one type of tape to another or from one prep mfg to another, i.e. 
Bards to Smith & Nephew or visa versa. Switching to a non-latex tape 
such as IV3000 -- even that bothers some people and other tapes work 
for them instead. There are some paper based tapes from 3m that work 
in a pinch.

2) Sensitivity to the plastic material used in the cannula. Try 
SofSets vs Sil/Tender/Comfort set -- or use Disetronic Rapids for a 

3) Sensitivity to Humalog -- Try FIRST using straight regular or 
Velosulin insulin to eliminate or confirm Humalog as the culprit. If 
so, then try a mix of 5 parts H and 1 part V (or R).

4) You may be a "Staph" carrier. These little guys live in some 
people's nasal cavities and are benign THERE, but cause serious 
problems when they make their way into a wound. You can easily 
be tested to confirm or refute this. Revised sterile field techniques 
will eliminate this as a source of contamination. I won't review them 
here at this time.

These options should be discussed with your health care provider.

Only ONE thing should be change at a time in your management regimen 
so that you can clearly identify what has been eliminated when the 
problem goes away. Changing two or more things at the same time makes 
this difficult.

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