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Re: [IPk] pump bumps

hi Sally Anne
Sounds like pump bumps - they're not uncommon but definitely shouldn't
be a normal part of pump therapy.
I see you've tried all the usual solutions, except changing your insulin.
Some people have problems with Humalog (in particular) in their pump and get
this kind of reaction, even if they didn't have problems with it on MDI. You
might try switching to Actrapid or Velosulin, or NovoRapid.

  On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, you wrote:
>I've been using a Disotronic pump for 7 months, and am really pleased with
>the flexibility it allows me. I don't seem to be able to achieve stable
>blood sugars though- can range from LO to 18/20s. Could this be the pump
>bumps I've heard about?  I've tried different infusion sets, needle lengths
>and - obviously -sites, but get hard (often sore) lumps almost every time. I
>change sites every 2 days now - anybody else experienced this  and  is it
>normal part of pump therapy?
>tia,  SallyAnne
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