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[IPk] 12 days from pump


	I must admit when I was a few days from the pump I became
apprehensive, totally unnecessarily I might add!  But with hindsight, I
would use the following tips:

*	Get the basics under your belt first - I wanted to understand all
different forms of boluses and then realised that if I got normal boluses
right that was a huge first step.
*	If you have an unexpected high, yes think about the pump, but don't
automatically blame it!  I had an unexpected high after a few days and
panicked about my pump and then had a good look at my BG history that day,
and could see why it had happened.  
*	I never ate anything between meals for the first few weeks (unless
hypoing), nor did I do vigorous exercise, nor did I drink alcohol.  Then
once I had my basals sorted I began to introduce the complexities of life!
*	Focus as much as you can on getting your rates right.
*	Don't be scared to ask the clinic.
*	Don't be surprised if your insulin requirements are cut dramatically
- believe the maths!
*	Tell people about it!  From a psychological point of view I found
that the more I explained the pump to others the more comfortable I became
and the more confident I became with it - probably became a bit evangelical

	I strongly believe that getting a pump is the most positive thing I
have ever done for my health - and I came from having an HbA1C of 6.8, but
with far too broad a range - a real rollercoaster in fact.   The pump has
improved how I feel physically and how I feel mentally about diabetes.
Incidentally HbA1c is now down to 6.2.

	I hope all goes well, and please, if you need any support, get in

	Audrey Sheal
	IDDM 20 yrs +, Minimed pumper 4 mnths +

> Now I am only 12 days from getting my pump, so does anyone have any hint,
> tips advice on what I may expect on my first few days?.
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