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[IPk] first few days on pump

Hi Gordon
I think that how quickly you see an improvement on the pump may well be
related to your present control ie if things are at present very erratic and
you spend a large proportion of time either under or over insulinised it may
take a while for things to settle down. However, I've heard that some people
with exremely erratic blood glucose settle on the pump rapidly
I was one of the ones who was either hyper or hypo for much of the time
before the pump. when I first started I achieved some good levels for the
first week but also lots of hypos so had to cut down on basal quite a bit.
After this I was slighlty high but very level ( around 8 - 12) for a week,
and following this had to increase basal s quite a bit to accomodate rise in
BG early am and pm. I think my body's response to the pump was exaggerated
initially as it was so unused to having adequate insulin for 24 hours( if I
injected and absorbed enough on MDI I would certainly hypo almost on a daily
After a while it got used to "adequate insulin" and started to require
slightly more.
In the months before pump therapy I used to vary my dose of humulin I (long
acting) from 12 to 14 units and never quite got it right. My basal
requirement is now quite stable at 14.2. I find that I bolus slighly less
than on MDI

Everyone is different but some people get an almost instantaneous
inprovement and it takes others a bit longer. Also some people find their
insulin requirements can decrease quite significantly
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