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Re: [IPk] Bad night hypo

> I've never understod this unused insulin rule. 3 hours after my
> bolus, there may still be insulin unused, but there will also be
> carbs still being absorbed (since normally, the carb absorption
> curve should match the insulin activity). So, the two should cancel
> each other out and you shouldn't need to consider the unused
> insulin, unless the two activity curves are mismatched. Please
> explain why you should consider the unused insulin but not the
> unused carbs! I never consider the unused insulin, which works for
> me, but of course others may be different. Di

If you use the first derivative in addition, everything works out 
pretty well. This is unfortunately a little hard to teach the average 
person because they don't have the math background. Basically you 
look at the target bg, the real bg and the expected trajectory based 
on the data points before and however many after the meal. From that 
data set you can make a good estimate on additional required insulin 
or carbs to get you back to the desired target. Some consideration 
must be given to the glycemic index of the food vs the insulin 
absorption rate, but for a "mixed" or average lot of food, it can be 

Did I make that clear as mud?? :-)

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