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Re: [IPk] unused insulin

>I've never understod this unused insulin rule. 3 hours after my bolus,
>there may still be insulin unused, but there will also be carbs still being
>absorbed (since normally, the carb absorption curve should match the
>insulin activity). So, the two should cancel each other out and you
>shouldn't need to consider the unused insulin, unless the two activity
>curves are mismatched. Please explain why you should consider the unused
>insulin but not the unused carbs!

>Please someone put me out of my misery and offer an explanation!


Would you rather have a hypo in the night, or having a slightly raised bg?

You cannot quantify the amount of undigested food in your gut. It's too
erratic. But you can make a guess at the amount of unabsorbed insulin.
Better to err on the side of caution surely.


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