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[IPk] unused insulin

>Please explain why you should consider the unused
insulin but not the unused carbs!
I never consider the unused insulin, which works for me, but of course
others may be different.

I always consider the unused insulin. Say I test two hours after my meal,
for which I had 3 units, and I'm at 8.8 mmol. I had three units, so I have
one unit left, which will lower my BG to 6 by the time the insulin is
finished. So I'm grand, and I don't need to make an adjustment. However, if
I'm at 11.6 and I want be at 6, I need to bolus another unit. Being aware
of unused insulin also helps me figure out if I did successfully match my
insulin to my food, or what impact a given amount of exercise had on my
blood sugar.

The numbers I've quoted above apply only to me: others' numbers will be
different depending on their insulin/carb ratio. I'd agree with Di that if
you don't consider unused insulin and you don't have unpredicatble BGs as a
result of not considering it, then don't.

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