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Re: [IPk] hypos and pasta

Whenever I do choose to eat pasta, I always get a very oily or cheesy sauce
so the pasta doesn't hit me quickly. Pasta in a tomato sauce will. I don't
have any notes on pasta with cheese, but I do on pasta with oil:  I took my
humalog bolus and was fine for the first few hours.  Some time during hour
three my BGs spiked, and they remained quite elevated (probably somewhere
between 13 and 17) until five hours after the meal, despite high BG boluses
to bring it down. The first high BG bolus did nothing for me, at all.

I've got 'round the pasta-and-tomato-sauce problem, at home at least, by
using a split pea and soya pasta made by Orgran, which I like very much.
And I have much smoother BGs in response to it. I haven't had pasta out in
a while, but my plan there is to keep in mind what I just recounted, and
bolus/square wave accordingly.

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