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Re: [IPk] hypos and hypers

>I suppose I.m frightened to increase my overnight basals in case I
>go hypo. yes things are much better on the pump but I get so upset when
>this starts happen and things become unpredictable -I feel maybe I should
>do a degree in nutrition to understand where I am going wrong perhaps
>I'll have to @ least do a physiology module on insulin and metabolism.

You think that would help? I think you might come away even more depressed
at the brutal inadequacy of insulin injection/infusion as a treatment
method. Yes - it keeps us alive, but it far removed from what the normal
body does.

The liver should get first use of all insulin. The healthy pancreas
delivers it direct to the liver, where a lot of the insulin is immediately
used. Instead we introduce it to external circulation instead, so the
muscles and fat get too much - potentially causing hypos and instability.
Disetronic do a permanent infusion port that goes straight to the liver,
but this is experimental. A friend of a friend in Germany says it works
very well for her. Trouble is, a site infection becomes a liver infection
which is very dangerous.

I wait eagerly for the outcome of the latest Edmonton Protocol trials
around the world. My hunch is that that may be the next big step forward
for us.


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