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Re: [IPk] Bad night hypo

>I was hoping that someone might give me some advice? I am waiting to go on
>pump therapy in March but i am having problems now.
>Yesterday i had a lovely tea with pasta, bread and fruit. One and a half
>hours later i went very quickly into hypo of 1.9. Felt terrible but my blood
>had been 12 before tea and i had taken my usual insulin. I still don't
>understand the hypo but i went to bed and my blood was 9.6 took my usual
>insulin and when i awoke in the morning my blood was at 21.1 i had quite a
>few ketones as well.

Yvonne - all sorts of things can cause these upsets. Diabetes is a bugger!
No doubt about it. When I get good control, I am thankful. When things go
wrong, I just do my best.

This may not be the real cause, but as Ingrid said pasta can sometimes be
slow in getting digested, particularly if it is not well cooked. So it's
possible your insulin got there before the pasta. Sometimes when I get a
bad hypo, my bg bounces right back and goes very high. It's not that I've
done anything wrong, but that is how my body responds - it makes all sorts
of other strange hormones in response to the crisis and my insulin
resistance temporarily increases.

Hang on in there.


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