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Re: [IPk] Bad night hypo

Hi Dave -

Well, I won't state what I think of your consultant, because it can't be
said in polite company. Matching insulin ot carbohydrate is tried and
tested, and the ratio of insulin to carb varies from person to person. For
instance, I get 17g of CHO per unit - when I was on injections, I got 15g.
So it's something that can change in an individual as well. But you stick
with what works for you, and ignore your consultant. He doesn't know what
he's talking about.

They don't teach carb counting on this side of the water, even to people
who are well able for it. It's commonly used in the US, and US-based
diabetes-related web sites will have information on it. There are formulas
based on weight and insulin usage for determining what one's
insulin-to-carb ratio should be. But it sounds like you already know yours,
so stick with it.


>     On my last visit to my consultant he dissmissed all this as a load of
******* and then went on to tell me this is all wrong and he dosn't know
I was told this, then I was asked what bolus I would have for a slice of
bread and I said 2 Units as there is 20grams of CHO in a slice of bread
it can vary from 12-15 grams on cheaper loaves and the highest I found is
35grams per slice) he said I should have between 4-5 units (ha ha ha).
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