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Re: [IPk] Bad night hypo


I work on similar calculations (the numbers Disetronic may be right for some 
but obviously not to you!)  but I refuse to weigh everything I eat, and that 
would be impossible when you eat away from home anyway.

It is just guesswork really, especially given that the carb amount can vary 
with the same weight of say pasta anyway.

So tricky and frustrating!


>From: "David Sayer" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: Re: [IPk] Bad night hypo
>Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 22:18:16 -0000
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>From: "John Neale" <email @ redacted>
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>Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2001 3:45 PM
>Subject: [IPk] Bad night hypo
>Hi John,
>      I read with great interest your values on reducing your sugar levels
>and taking CHO.
>      When Disetronic gave me my training they stated that 1 Unit delivered
>through the pump would basically clear 10 grams of CHO just eaten, and 1
>Unit delivered when bg is 10 & greater would clear 2.5 grams of CHO.
>      Great I thought now I can eat everything in sight (only joking) it 
>work on these stats as long as you know what CHO is in the food, great if
>its on the wrapper or in a book but it obviously goe's out the window if
>your guess work is wrong, I've always stuck to these guides since '75 and
>using syringes and the old insulins, it was what I was taught.
>      On my last visit to my consultant he dissmissed all this as a load of
>******* and then went on to tell me this is all wrong and he dosn't know 
>I was told this, then I was asked what bolus I would have for a slice of
>bread and I said 2 Units as there is 20grams of CHO in a slice of bread 
>it can vary from 12-15 grams on cheaper loaves and the highest I found is
>35grams per slice) he said I should have between 4-5 units (ha ha ha).
>      Well I put his theory into pratice and????? large hypo, I spoke to
>Disetronic and they still back me on my calculations and this seems to be
>the general rule, so I was very glad to see your stats as it confirms mine.
>      Does any one else work along this theory if not how do you calculate?
>Regards Dave.
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