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Re: [IPk] hypos and hypers

I really envy all of you who are so disciplined and can scientifically
predict the carbohydtrate ratios and know that a specific amount of
insulin will reduce your bg by a predictable amount. my basals are crazy
and I often wake up high, I adjust them accordingly  but nothing seems to
correlate. last night  my bg was 6.4 @ bedtime 0600 hrs 19.9 10 am 14.8
1300hrs 11.2 15.30 3.5  then 16.8 @ 18.00. Completely the opposite to
yesterday despite similar activities. The original advice I was given ie
1 unit to 15 gms cho was nowhere near enough. mine is more 1:5 -on a good
day. I suppose I.m frightened to increase my overnight basals in case I
go hypo. yes things are much better on the pump but I get so upset when
this starts happen and things become unpredictable -I feel maybe I should
do a degree in nutrition to understand where I am going wrong perhaps
I'll have to @ least do a physiology module on insulin and metabolism.
wouldn't it be wonderful if the pump co! uld check your bg as well and
work it all out for you

>From: "John Davis" <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To: <email @ redacted> >Subject: Re:
[IPk] Bad night hypo >Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 22:05:32 -0000 > >When
correcting for high BG readings don't forget to take into account the
>amount of unused insulin still in your body. > >Humalog disperses at
about 25% per hour and has totally gone after about 4 >hours. Therefore,
if you are correcting 3 hours after your meal bolus, you >still have 25%
of the original bolus still to disperse. Take this into >account when
correcting! > >John Davis
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