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[IPk] Had one of these?

Hi Everyone,

     We all know the importance of cleanliness and movement of canular sites
well 2 weeks before Xmas my site was a bit itchy and sore after only a couple
of days so I removed it yuck! I had a horrible discharge and a small lump, so
I took the spare antibiotics that I had been given for just such a time by the
hospital (as the last time I had a little infection my local GP told me to
wash it in salt water and he would say a prayer for me ? perhaps this is some
new concept in medication that I've not been told about) anyway the lump grew
and grew and 4 days before xmas I saw the hospital consultant and he said
abcess, surgery, admittance over xmas etc anyway I couldn't miss xmas with the
kids so I was wide awake having surgery by the good ol NHS and yes it really
really really hurt, all the stuff you see in the films where they remove
stakes and knives etc is pure twaddle believe me. I had to have the dressing
changed each day as it was packed from the inside but xmas day it was
re-infected again and I spent a further 5 hours in casulty,  its all healed up
now but its not the sought of thing I would like again apparantly its one of
the draw backs from using canulas. I have kept them in for longer as I think
if its working ok and its clean don't touch it.

Regards Dave
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