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Re: [IPk] Bad night hypo

Hello everyone,
>I was hoping that someone might give me some advice? I am waiting to go on 
pump therapy in March but i am having problems now.
Yesterday i had a lovely tea with pasta, bread and fruit. One and a half 
hours later i went very quickly into hypo of 1.9. Felt terrible but my blood 
had been 12 before tea and i had taken my usual insulin. I still don't 
understand the hypo but i went to bed and my blood was 9.6 took my usual 
insulin and when i awoke in the morning my blood was at 21.1 i had quite a 
few ketones as well.
I am now at a loss what to do. By the way i do not think that i was hypo 
because i had to get up for a wee and could not be bothered to check my blood 
and i did feel high! Can anyone give me some advice on what i am doing wrong. 
I have to say my hubby would be very interested as i might not be so nutty 
and upset if my blood sugars were more even. Please help!!!!!!
Love Yvonne.
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