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[IPk] hypos/ night time bg

I find that a correction dose before bed lowers my BG much more, on the
whole, than during the day. Eg if BG is 11-13 1 unit will often mean I wake
up at 4 or 5. Even if I set my alarm for 2 or 3 am I rarely have the
discipline to get up and check unless I suspect something is really wrong.
This of course does not apply if I/ve eaten a curry or something high in fat
when going to bed with BG low normal/ mildly hypo and a small snack to
correct the latter, I tend to wake up feeling lousy with BG of 12-15. I,ve
nearly sorted this out by bolusing a bit less with the food and doing a 20%
basal increase overnight. ( nearly is proably a good thing - as it's not
quite sorted out I try not to eat unhealthily too often)
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