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Re: [IPk] Beware the bath!

On Wed, 21 Feb 2001, you wrote:
>>Thanks to whoever it was mentioned
>>hot water increasing the absorption of insulin.
>Anyone know if this "bathtime hypo" is a recent phenomenon? I know nothing,
>but I do wonder if it is related to Humalog? Or to human insulin? Does it
>happen with pork insulin or Velosulin? Or am I becoming more meticulous
>with my control - knowing what my bg is more often, being closer to 4 than

Don't think so - I've always noticed it. Nothing odd about it - heat speeds
up insulin absorption. Hot baths, sunbathing, saunas, massage etc. can all
make you go low, especially if you've recently injected / bolused. I notice
it more now because my BG is generally lower, but I noticed it even 20
years ago on the old pork and beef insulins. And I know several people
who've taken their injection, had a bath and then passed out from  a hypo -
before Humalog was around. Of course, the fast-acting nature of Humalog
makes it even more likely to happen.
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