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Re: [IPk] Bad night hypo

On Tue, 20 Feb 2001, you wrote:
>I get this too.
>If I work late, or gym late, I will quite often go to bed high.  I sometimes 
>take a correction dose, and that is when I run into trouble (ie hypos!)
>In the past I finished work much earlier, so there was a greater gap between 
>eating and bed, and my level just before sleeep was much better.
>I don't know if I should just leave things when I go to bed high, set the 
>alarm to wake up at 3am (which Peter would love!), or risk hypoing (which 
>will wake Peter anyway!).

>maybe I just need to get organised and eat earlier!

Can't you take a smaller correction dose when you go to bed high?
If you can't now, that's one thing you will be able to do on the  pump.

Or try experimenting with the carbs/fat/protein of what you eat when it's
late. I try and eat ,ostly salad/veggies and some protein rather than carbs
if I eat late (often not till near midnight when I get home from my dance

 >Ingrid > >PS  I know too that my insulin doesn't work as well at
night.  I don't think  >this is just a dm thing either.  Quite often
dietitians suggest that you  >should actually have your main meal at lunch,
because our bodies just aren't  >as efficient at nighttime!

But isn't that a food digestion thing rather than an insulin production
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