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Re: [IPk] Bad night hypo

>So what is the definition of a hypo? Is it under 4 mmol? Or does everyone
>define them differently?

We're all different, but for me anything below 4.0 is hypo, and I treat
straight away.

I know some people (not me) report occasionally feeling hypo symptoms at
much higher levels, which suggests a falling bg is causing the symptoms,
rather than a low level. Clearly taking glucose by mouth stops the
symptoms, which is what you want. My Canadian friend who recently had the
baby told me how she's cycled to the baby group after breakfast, and felt
really hypo when she arrived, so she checked her bg and it was 8 or 9. This
suprised her greatly. But she took glucose none the less and felt better in
a few minutes.

>Are you assuming you had been lower than 4.2
>during the night?

Yes I am. Waking with a hypo-headache and ketones and a bg of 4.2 suggests
I had been lower, and then rebounded to 12 by lunchtime.


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