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Re: [IPk] Bad night hypo

On Tue, 20 Feb 2001, you wrote:
>Sigh. It was my turn last night for the stonking hypo. 
---->big snip
>My guess is that my bedtime bg was not entirely due to lack of insulin, but
>simply miss timing - the humalog was coming through slower than the apple
>pie. So the bedtime correction bolus simply caused a hypo later in the
>night. And I should have been much more careful: perhaps one unit would
>have been sufficient. And perhaps I should have set my alarm for 3am to
>check what was happening, but, well, a solid night's sleep seems so much
>more desirable than waking at 3am :-| Till you have a bad hypo...

I've had similar experiences - I've bolused at bedtime because my Bg is
high, and not considered that it might be mistiming rather than too little
That's led me to an interesting observation - or at least, supposition.
If I eat late at night and take insulin to match, I tend to wake up high in
the night. I always assumed that this was because my insulin works less
tively at night than during the day (maybe because I'm less active when I'm
asleep). But....if I bolus a correction dose late at night, for something
I've eaten several hours previously, this insulin seems to be absorbed just
as well as it normally would. So my theory is that it's not the insulin
working less efficiently at night, but that it's the food which gets
digested at a slower rate overnight (hence the insulin runs out before the
food).  Elizabeth, I think you had a similar theory about insulin being
less efficient at night. Perhaps it's the same for you with food???

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