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[IPk] Bad night hypo

Sigh. It was my turn last night for the stonking hypo. I think I see what I
did wrong, which is one minor consolation. My wife Julia had baked a large
and delicious apple pie last night, of which I ate plenty, and bolused
accordingly. When I went to bed at 11:30pm, my bg was 12. Ah. I'd
underestimated the carb content. I take 1 unit for every 2.5 I wish to
reduce my bg, so I took 2.5 units of insulin and went off to sleep. Woke at
8am feeling very wierd. Throbbing headache and felt sick. I was barely
compos mentis, so I took 2 paracetamol, checked my bg which was 4.2, and
went back to sleep. I had a free morning so that was OK. Slept soundly and
woke at 1pm. Bg 12. Moderate to high ketones in urine. But felt fine -
headache and sickness gone. Since then my bg has been highish all day.

My guess is that my bedtime bg was not entirely due to lack of insulin, but
simply miss timing - the humalog was coming through slower than the apple
pie. So the bedtime correction bolus simply caused a hypo later in the
night. And I should have been much more careful: perhaps one unit would
have been sufficient. And perhaps I should have set my alarm for 3am to
check what was happening, but, well, a solid night's sleep seems so much
more desirable than waking at 3am :-| Till you have a bad hypo...


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