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[IPk] Re: 'diabetic' Consultant

Di, I believe you have misunderstood my sarcasm about the Consultant I spoke
to who asked me if I took exercise.  In the 17 years of having IDDM and
being a Staff Nurse, I am fully aware of the benefits of regular exercise in
order to maintain general wellbeing, especially in someone with both type 1
and type 2 diabetes, and certainly do not dismiss it.  It was drummed into
me from initial diagnosis and I advise people in my job every day about the
importance and benefits of regular exercise.  My point is that I was sitting
in my Nursing Sister's dress speaking to the Consultant who automatically
presumed that because my blood sugars were unstable (despite only one
ketoacidosis episode three years post diagnosis during my 'denial' stage,
and no other hospital admissions or problems) that I hadn't a clue about my
conditon.  To be frank, he was totally patronising - that, I find very
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