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Re: [IPk] Blood Levels

Hi Sara -

I've dreaded my period for the past few months because things have been
changing so much. My best advice is to track everything, and test a couple
of times during the night. The past few days I tested at midnight, 3am, and
when I woke in the morning, and I've managed to rebalance my overnight
basal again. This is just my period overnight basal - the other one has
been grand for quite some time.

Record keeping is what works for me, and tracking is how I discovered that
my insulin requirements went up on the first day of my period (two days
after the full moon) and back down again ten days after I started bleeding.
Funny thing: this month my period came two days before the full moon. I
waited for high BGs before I adjusted my pattern, but I found that my
insulin needs still changed two days after the full moon. So it appears
that my hormone cycle isn't completely linked to when I bleed. For the past
eight months I've had to test more frequently during my period to try to
keep things as stable as I ever have them.

The suggestion in _Pumping Insulin_ and _The Insulin Pumpers Handbook_ is
that your basal rate needs to be adjusted .1 unit/hour for every 1.7 mmol
(that's translated from mg/dl) you are away from your target BG. Of course,
this is when you're testing your basal rates by fasting and/or eating meals
that are exactly matched to your bolus insulin so you can test basal rates,
not in general.

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