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[IPk] Blood Levels

I need some advise, I though that I had just got my levels right, along with
my basal rates, my period has just finished, so everything is back to normal
of so I though. I just cannot keep them stable for the past few days they
have been all over the place, at first  thought that I may be coming down
with something as I woke up on Monday morning with such a banging headache
(lack of sleep maybe), but this carried on for most of the day, yesterday I
felt fine and also today, so no cold in sight, so I have no idea why I
cannot stabilise my bm.

Going off track a bit, today I went to my hospital to talk to nurses about
living with my diabetics, before and after the pump as I was the first in my
area to get one. The nurses were really interested as some of them have been
working with diabetics for a few years now and had never heard of the pump,
or if they had, had never met anyone on one. So I think it was quite a
eye-opener for them. Which can only do good . As one or two said they would
go back and talk to some of the patients about the pump. At the moment there
are about 4 people on the pump in my area, but I am the only one with
funding the rest have had to find it themselves.

Thanks Sara
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